Total Box Office Collection “Bajirao Mastani” vs “Dilwale” 40 Days 6th Week Worldwide

Total Box Office Collection “Bajirao Mastani” vs “Dilwale” 40 Days 6th Week Worldwide :- The magnum opus venture of the Sanjay Leela Bhansali “Bajirao Mastani” is considered as a master art of the director at the same time one of the blockbuster movies of the last year.

Bajirao Mastani vs Dilwale

Ranveer Singh, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone played lead role in this periodic drama. The historical drama had a decent starting at the box office and its run the same.

Critics and audiences both loved this movie. The film hit at the theatre with SRK’s “Dilwale”, but despite having huge competition from the movie, “Bajirao Mastani” emerged to be the blockbuster movie of the year and it literally defeated “Dilwale”.

Being most watched movie “Bajirao Mastani” collected total amount of the Rs. 300+ Crores INR in Box Office, it is blockbuster of the year. While, despite being high star-cast movie “Dilwale” failed to perform well in front of “Bajirao Mastani”. Under Rohit Shetty’s direction “Dilwale” released on 18th December with houseful screenings.

On its first weekend “Dilwale” has been collected Rs 65 crores but in the weekdays, there was a huge dropped in the collections has been witnessed. The flick “Dilwale” has been collected Rs 183.4 crores in 30 days of its run across the country. And in overseas “Dilwale” has been collected Rs 120 crores which has been declared normal hit in the international market.

Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kirti Sanon starrer “Dilwale” received mired review from critics and “Bajirao Mastani” received huge critical acclaimed from the critics.

“Bajirao Mastani” 6th Week Box Office Collection

First Week – Rs.86.15 crore
Second Week – Rs. 55.75 crore
Third Week – Rs. 29.05 crore
Fourth Week – Rs. 10.11 crore
Fifth Week – Rs. 4.5 crore (Estimated)
Sixth Week – Rs 3 crore (Anticipated)

Total Worldwide Box Office Collections – Rs. 363+ crore (As per wiki)

“Dilwale” 6th Week Box Office Collection

First Week – Rs. 102.65 crore
Second Week – 31.85 crore
Third Week – 11.47 crore
#BajiraoMastani – Overseas total till Sunday, 24 Jan: $ 15 million [₹ 101.83 cr]. AWESOME!

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