Latest News: Traffic curbs at night in D K Shivkumar’s in-laws’ house

Latest News: Traffic curbs at night in D K Shivkumar’s in-laws’ house :- Karnataka: Income Tax sleuths, who assaulted the place of Energy Minister, D K Shivkumar’s dad in-law, Thimmaiah at Ittigegud on Wednesday, allegedly remained overnight and kept checking reports there on Thursday too, as indicated by sources. The relatives were not permitted to go out and no untouchable was allowed to go into the house. Just the youngsters were permitted to go to class, sources uncovered.

On Thursday, the IT sleuths allegedly took Mr. Thimmaiah’s child, Sathyanarayan and the little girl – in – law to a bank, and motivated them to bring home the adornments kept in the locker there. They likewise checked every one of the archives identified with the adornments, passing by sources.

Traffic curbs at night in D K Shivkumar’s in-laws’ house

The movement police will be shutting the Oliphanta railroad connect and occupy activity through Alu-gaddabavi to encourage the development of the Metro Rail at Chilkalguda junction.

Somewhere else, the movement police requested redirections at Maitrivanam intersection for 45 days. The activity preoccupation design at Oliphanta connect was examined by senior movement and Metro Rail authorities on Thursday. Flags have been set up requesting that drivers take the option course.

Joint activity official Dr. V. Ravinder said it would two-three days to work out the game plans. “There won’t be quite a bit of an issue to the suburbanites, we simply have overseen movement appropriately,” Dr. Ravinder said.

Mr. Thimmaiah was supposedly taken to the family possessed cleanser nut industrial facility and I-T authorities are said to have gone to the home of one Edwin, a companion of Mr. Sathyanarayan, in Ittigegud to keep an eye on more reports.

In the interim, Congress laborers drove by Mysuru DCC president, Dr. B J Vijaykumar, arranged a challenge before the Gandhi statue close to the Mysuru law court premises denouncing the strikes on the place of Mr. Shivakumar and his family, and accusing the BJP of enjoying detest governmental issues. They hindered the Bengaluru – Mysuru street close to the Columbia Asia clinic, discouraging activity for some time.