Union Budget 2015 Highlight by Finance Minister Arun Jaitely

Union Budget 2015 Highlight by Finance Minister Arun Jaitely. Well hello every one as we all know budget session is going on and already railway and other budget are passed, today on 28th February 2015 finance Minister of India has passed Mr. Arun Jaitely has passed Union Budget 2015. All Indian’s were frequently waiting for full year budget from Pm Modi’s Nda government because common people wanted to know how PM Modi bring ache din for every Indian,  so scroll below to know what’s there for you in Union Budget 2015

Union Budget 2015 Highlight by Finance Minister Arun Jaitely

Union Budget 2015 Highlight by Finance Minister Arun Jaitely

Union Budget 2015 Highlight

  •  GDP growth estimated at 7.4%, growth of 8% in 2015-16 the Government will

  •  Retail and wholesale price inflation rate of 5.1 negative (negative)

  •  50 million in 2014-15, made the toilet, our goal is to make toilet sixty million

  •  Clean India campaign, we changed into movement

  •  To provide subsidies JAM; J- public funds, A- base, M- Mobile. JAM peoples will be brought directly to the account of subsidies

  •  All house plans by 2022

  •  Every village has a plan to hospital

  •  goal to end poverty by 2022

  •  The goal of electrification of 20,000 villages

  •  The employment of every home by 2022

  •  The target of every house road

  •  Infrastructure needed private investment in

  •  The Government of the old governments faced trouble

  •  The need to increase agricultural production in

  •  62% of the State Tax

  •  PM Security Insurance Plan will begin, of which 2 million insurance premium of Rs 12 will

  •  AB pension scheme will be introduced, which would give one thousand Government and a thousand person (five years) for the next five years, the government will pay 5,000

  •  EPF and PPF unclaimed money schemes for the poor

  •  The divestment plan to raise money

  •  34 699 million for holding

  •  The new floor plan for minorities

  •  Government deficit will be 4.1%

  •  subsidies aim to control leaks

  •  Infrastructure Fund announced 20 thousand million

  •  Rail, road tax-free bonds for projects like

  •  5 new ultra mega power projects proposed

  •  25000 crore for rural loan

  •  150 million for research and development

  •  satu plan (plan attached to the IT sector) 1000 million

  • The financial deficit less than 3%

  •  To strengthen the futures market and aim to eliminate speculative market

  •  SEBI and FMC will Viel

  •  Direct tax system will be implemented

  •  The goal of GST

  •  regulator Forward Markets Commission merging into

  •  Gold Metal account interest which will be

  •  Gold Coin issue which would make Ashok Chakra

  •  To stop the flow of black money to try to reduce the cash transaction, the credit, debit card will be promoted

  • Approval of foreign investment in the area is 39. 100 Fisdi the difference between FDI and FII crack

  • Women Nirbya fund of Rs 1,000 crore for protection

  • Varanasi, Hyderabad and will be included in the world heritage cities like Amritsar

  • countries increased from 42 to 150 countries Visa on Arrival facility

  • The new system of public procurement to stop the scam

  •  per cent of 54% will increase the efficiency of

  •  In Bihar, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, one of the AMS

  •  ​​Arunachal Film Institute in Jammu and Andhra IIM

  •  Promoting digital fiber networks in India Optikl

  • Finance Commission has recommended more Fayada Bihar and Bengal, the emphasis will be on the development of the states of North East

  • 33 152 million to the health sector

  • 2 lakh 46 thousand 727 crore for defense budget, also already allowed foreign investment

  • Singapore’s lines in Gujarat

  • Try to keep stable tax policy

  • No change in income tax

  • overseas sentence of 10 years to hide black money

  • Returns to tell the overseas property

  • Corporate tax reduced to 25% in 4 years

  • Income tax penalty of seven years in hiding overseas accounts

  • The new law will make black money

  • The companies would be exempt from tax

  • The tax increase on the rich, from 1 million to 2 per cent of those earning Srcharj have to Rights

  • Pan, pocket change Dyuti excise on cigarettes, prices rise

  • 12.36% service tax has been increased from 65 to 14%, everyday things, prices rise

  •  Health Tax exemption for senior citizens

  • 80C Sukanya plan exemption

  •  25 thousand tax on health insurance

  • Transport allowance increased from 69 in 1600 to 800 rupees

  •  Pay Commission report is coming next year (Source : abpnews )

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