Uttarakhand: Mohammad Mukarram Killed Beggar To Run Away With Girlfriend

Uttarakhand: Mohammad Mukarram Killed Beggar To Run Away With Girlfriend :- The Sunday has stunned the whole Uttarakhand as a married man and a father of four children killed a man to run away with his lover. The incident took place in the Roorkee on 9th October 2016, when Mohammad Mukarram killed a beggar and put his identity card in the pocket of a deceased beggar.


The Roorkee police confirmed that Mukarram wanted to spread the fake news of his death, so he can leave the city and live with his girlfriend peacefully.

Although, the plan of former failed as the local police snapped him on Saturday. It is believed that Mukarram loved a 22-year-old girl who was from other community and he was afraid that his love story would not kick off with leaving with his family.

Mukarram dreadfully killed the beggar and destroyed his face and put his own identity card in beggar’s pocket to confuse other people that he was the one who died. Although, the plan did not work, and Mukarram left a great evidence behind.

The police force in their initial investigation found that Mukkaram was in constant touch with a female friend. When they investigated it, they came to know that Mukarram called for significant times on the numbers of his girlfriend.

The local police soon realized the whole plan and arranged a big trap to take Mukarram down. They arrested him in Piran Kaliyar when he was about to meet his girlfriend.