Vasundara kicks Shraddha out of the house! Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

The Episode starts with Shraddha are think that Dhruv will come close to her. Dhruv recalls Bihaan and Thapki’s conversation and thinks that they are not having any kind of the husband wife type relationship. Now in the kitchen Dadi asked to the Shraddha that Thapki actually prepared all the material to make cake but right now she is having sprain on her hands, so it is now Thapki can’t prepare cake and Dadi asked Shraddha to prepare the same.

Vasundara kicks Shraddha out of the house! Thapki Pyaar Ki 19th April 2016 Episode Written Updates

But Shraddha says about this why I will prepare the cake which is ready by Thapki, in fact I will be prepare cake on myself and Shraddha ready the cake put it on the tray and keep it on the microwave and now Sharaddha hjas been gone to take rest. After some time, Shraddha comeback and shocked to see that see that it is now Thapki is busy changing the cake.

Shraddha asked there and asked to the Thapki, Thapki what are you doing here. Thapki says I was checking the time about for cake baking, nothing else, take cake after 2 minutes. She leaves. Now Shraddha see a timer and shocked to see there is a bomb. Now Shraddha screams oh my god here is bomb, oh God, Thapki has planned this, in order to harm Vasundhara and it is Thapki always wanted to seek revenge from us.

Now Thapki arrived there in the kitchen and smiles. Thapki said to Shraddha I did this as I wanted to make you angry and Thapki also said to the Shraddha that I knew being angry you will speaks the truth. Now Shraddha recalled the Thapki’s challenged which she kept with the Shraddha that it is Thapki will be brings out the Shraddha’s reality.

Now Thapki said to the Shraddha that you wanted to harm me by putting bomb on the microwave and you planned something like this on your brain but shocked to see this and now you are all set confess your crime.
Now Shraddha goes to old storeroom and hangs a rope. She also calls Thapki there in the store room and Thapki went there. Shraddha looks on now.