Video- Man punches and kicks girl inside Indore gym, molestation case registered

Video- Man punches and kicks girl inside Indore gym, molestation case registered :- Well, as we all know that Women need respect as well as all other human does but what really happening is totally unfair. You all know that women are not growing in India as men’s are growing. Another incident of showed that we all humans are going to down and forgetting the ground rule of the world. Also, this is really not acceptable for anyone.

A video of a man punching and kicking a woman in a gym in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore district has gone viral on social media platforms. Everyone is talking about this video because it shows clearly that how a man can be so brutal. Here, we are not saying that all men are like that and do things like them but because of some of them, we all are feeling the quilt.

Man punches and kicks girl inside Indore gym

You can see in the video, the man in sleeveless gym t-shirt is seen waiting to lift weights when the girl, who’s standing next to him, utters something. This prompts the man to punch the girl forcing her to fall on the ground. After that, the girl tries hard and try to be back in her own legs but men don’t stop. After seeing this few other fitness enthusiasts rush to restrain the man, but he doesn’t stop here.  Also, He quickly hit her again and again with a severe kick leaving the girl in utter pain.

As you all know that after this incident gets viral on the Internet. Everybody is talking about this guy and he treated a girl. Well, According to police officer Shashikant Kankane, they have lodged a case of assault and molestation against the man in the video and they are investing the whole case and right now it is under the police investigation.