Vividha tells sujata! Jaana na dil se door 23rd May 2016 Episode Written Updates

Vividha tells sujata! Jaana na dil se door 23rd May 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Atharva and Vividha reach the home. Kailash also reaches there and asks where is she coming from? she says Pushkar. He asks why did she go there? He again asked her abruptly. Atharva came there and says he will tell and he came in front of Vividha. Kailash asks him who is he?

Jaana na dil se door Episode Written Updates

Jaana na dil se door Episode Written Updates

Jaana na dil se door Episode Written Updates

Atharva introduces himself. Kailash recalls Sujata told him about Atharva. Kailash takes Vividha with him and says he is a daughter of Proud Kailash Kashyap. Then he grabs him by the collar and says she lied to him only because of him. Vividha asks him to leave Atharva as she went on her own.

She also told him he rescued her from the kidnappers and fight with him. He alleged Vividha to lie with him and scolds her. Uma tries to rescue her and says she asked Vividha to lie. Dadi taunts her, Uma praises Vividha to clear her from all the allegations.

Kailash thanked Atharva for saving Vividha and hugs him. He doesn’t want to ask him the reason behind and again thanked him. He gave him his ring as thanksgiving. Atharva refuses. He says Vividha is impressed by him as he praises Vividha and obeys her father.

Sujata is worried and waiting for Atharva, she raises many questions in a breath. Atharva told him everything. Sujata saw his wounds and thinks Kailash might beat him. Sujata is surprised to know Kailash’s reaction.

Kailash is mad over Uma. She apologizes. Kailash hauls at her, he hurts her physically and warns her to be careful for the next time. Uma is scared of him. Guddi teases Atharva and asks how was the day? Sujata asks Atharva same. Both of them describes each other. Atharva describes her bravery. Vividha describes him as careful.


Sujata asks Vividha if his father is angry with her? She replied in no, and he is happy after knowing that Atharva helped her as he loves her a lot. Kailash walks bare feet, Vividha is worried as his feet are bleeding.