Shocking News: Vizag Couple Held For Selling Ganja In Hyderabad

Shocking News: Vizag Couple Held For Selling Ganja In Hyderabad :- A recently wedded couple from Vizag was captured on Thursday for providing Ganja in the city. The police recuperated 16kg of Ganja from them. The couple recognized as Jagandara Raja Rao(26) and his better half J. Lakshmi(23) has as of late got hitched and was remaining at Agency Region in Vizag. Not as much as a month after marriage, the couple has confronted with money related issues. As Raja Rao is an agribusiness laborer, he has seen individuals developing Ganja and offering it at high costs in the city.

On the proposal of his companion Beemanna, Raja Rao has purchased 5kg of Ganja from Agency territory at Rs1000 per kg. He at that point came to Hyderabad and sold 5kg Ganja to Jyothi of Begum Bazar at Rs3000 per kg and came back to his town.

Vizag Couple Held For Selling Ganja In Hyderabad

Rao again purchased 16kg of Ganja from Agency region individuals and has come to Hyderabad alongside his significant other. As he was sitting tight for the purchaser Jyothi at Begum Bazar on Thursday, he was captured by the police. The two were recognized as Jagandara Raja Rao nom de plume Prasad, 26, and his significant other J. Laxmi assumed name Bhavani, 23, of Vishakapatnam.

“While doing agribusiness, Prasad found that ranchers in towns in his neighborhood were developing ganja which was put away in their homes and sold at higher rates,” Task Force DCP B.Limba Reddy stated, adding that Prasad chose to secure ganja and offer it in Hyderabad. He was helped in this by his companion Beemana, who gave him the contact quantities of a lady, Jyothi from Begum Bazaar. As needs be, the couple went to the city in July and sold five kilos of ganja to Jyothi and one Ballu Singh for Rs.3,000 per kilo.

They had obtained the cannabis at Rs.1,000 per kilo from tribals of the Madugula office zone. On Thursday, the couple came to Hyderabad with 16 kilos of the stuff and were holding up to hand it over to Jyothi and Ballu Singh when they were seized. The couple and the seized ganja were given over to the Mangalhat police for additionally activity.