Watch Apple’s New Twist On Unlocked iPhones

Watch Apple’s New Twist On Unlocked iPhones : There is a great and new twist for all apple phone users. Are you guys afraid of stealing or losing of your expensive apple smartphone ? So there is a great news for you all that apple made it more difficult to unlock a locked phone. According to a majority of population losing of our phones is not the major risk rather the stuff or private content of us all is much more riskier. We all know that we have posses some private and personal data in other phones which is like our daily needs one.

Watch Apple’s New Twist On Unlocked iPhones

Apple Twist On Unlocked iPhones

Apple inc. Developer said that now there will not be any case of unlocking and selling of apple phone in market. As we all are aware that some people tends to steal phones and makes them unlock to sell them in market for just a bit of money. Some of them get caught by the experts and some slips away. But apple says now it will not be like this. Now we will provide a high and advance security system in all of theirs phones.

Apple in Lawyers mentioned that “Forcing Apple to extract data in this case, absent clear legal authority to do so, could threaten the trust between Apple and its customers and substantially tarnish the Apple brand”.

This whole comes out at a result when apple is claiming that now it will be like impossible to unlock a locked phone without the permit. Apple says that they have made it more difficult to unlock a locked phone. This is a great and good update for all the apple iOS 8 users as apple said later monday that almost 90%  of its users in touch with iOS 8 in their apple device are free to the tension that someone can unlock their phone without their permission.