Watch EPIC Gang Leaders Performing Today Episode! MTV Roadies X4 28th May Hd Video

Watch EPIC Gang Leaders Performing Today Episode! MTV Roadies X4 28th May Hd Video :- The last week episode of the stunt based reality show MTV Roadies X4 begins with the Karan’s Gang has won the immunity task and his team members are safe from the eviction round now. All the contestants of the show including the four gangs and the gang leaders have perform the “Cockroach Tasks” which was one of the most difficult task show which test the patience and the tolerance of the team members and leaders and they must perform the task properly on order to gain the immunity.

MTV Roadies X4

Anyway the participants also perform an another tasks which was all about collecting the water in a bamboo skirt and now they have to pass from the next member’s bucket and the last member have to throw the collected water over the given board to break the ‘message’ written on it as the main task is to erase the message which is written there.

The team have to win the immunity task will need to go through another tasks, and as per rule the teams will ask 15 difficult questions to each other and the team will have to reply all for the survival. And the participants who fail to reply the questions will have to perform again most difficult task, which is “cockroach breakfast task”.
Two members have to balance the pipe and now they will blow air from the mouth in order to move the cockroaches to the other side in the pipe. Later, the results of the revealed, in which Ranvijay Team got 2 points, Neha’s Team got 3 points and Prince Team was Zero.

However, for the contestants this experience through task was the thrilling experiences, despite it was creepiest task and finally, after a long time, Karan’s gang won the Immunity task and he and his team is now safe from being evicted but Kavya also from the Karan’s Gang left the show due to her injuries.

And as per performance, it was Ocean from Neha’s Gang and Tarasha from Ranvijay’s Gang got evicted last week from the stunt based reality TV show MTV Roadies X4.