Watch Gang Attacks Young Couple With Sticks in Jharkhand

Watch Gang Attacks Young Couple With Sticks in Jharkhand : Its really bad that we live in a society where in some parts of India a boy and a girl cannot meet without the family permission. This video shows a young couple being mercilessly thrashed by goons in Jharkhand. While it’s not clear whether the incident occurred on Valentines Day when Right-Wing Organisations had threatened to take extreme action against couples they found or at another time. And they do have the enough guts to shoot video, while the girl is yelling in pain. Both boy and girl plead for mercy, but the attackers do not show any sign of repenting. It remains to be seen what the Jharkhand Government and the police department can do about this, or if they do anything about it at all. Its seems like the humanity in the Indian people is vanished.

Gang Attacks Young Couple With Sticks


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