Watch Video B.A Pass Sequel M.A. Pass Movie Theatrical Trailer is Out

Watch Video B.A Pass Sequel M.A. Pass Movie Theatrical Trailer is Out : B.A Pass movie a hit film in 2013, now the makers of the movie have came up with the sequel M.A Pass. They just launched the theatrical trailer of the movie and it gives an insight into the life of a girl who wants to set herself in the city of Mumbai. The story focuses on the girl’s struggle.


Off course you remember the bold and beautiful Shilpa Shukla in the BA Pass movie, but in the sequel to this film will not feature Shilpa Shukla. You will see some new and fresh faces in the film. Kritika Sachdeva and Indranil Sengupta in lead roles.

MA Pass is written and directed by Shadab Khan. The first installment of the franchise was directed by Ajay Bahl and written by Shadab Kamal. BA Pass also starred Shikha Joshi, who committed suicide in 2015.

M.A. Pass Movie Trailer hd Video

M.A Pass movie do not have any star from the previous movie B.A Pass and the story of the film is totally differently from last once. It is a dark and twisted story of love, sex and betrayal – following straight in the footsteps of the the first film.

The trailer comes off as ambiguously devastating and while the characters speak of the film touching upon the subjects of marriage and love, it almost feels like it’s banking too hard on sensuality and tragedy for attention.