Will iPhone SE Be A Failure For Apple This week Latest Update Selling Reports

Will iPhone SE Be A Failure For Apple This week Latest Update Selling Reports:This weekend has been proved to be a complete failure for Apple as its latest launched Iphone SE has shown really bad response. Apple have really high hopes for SE but its seen that they are expecting more from Iphone SE. According to the reports iPhone 6 was in at 2 percent, the iPhone 6S at 1 percent and the iPhone 5S at 0.9 percent.  But Iphone SE is at least for only 0.7 percent this means that there are not much people willing to buy this new Iphone.

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Why iPhone SE Be A Failure For Apple

Will iPhone SE Be A Failure For Apple This week

Will iPhone SE Be A Failure For Apple This week

There are basically 3 reasons that IPHONE SE Will not be successful for Apple as they expected.

Reason 1: High Price Rate.

Acc. to many people Iphone SE has a higher price because its specification is not that good according to its price and majority of people are moving towards android platform so, that’s going to be one of the resigns that IPHONE SE will not be that hit than other Iphone models.

Reason 2: Comparison To Other Iphone.

This is one of the main reason that this is not the good idea for Apple to bring new SE, Because at the same price range people will soon be having the IPhone 6s or Iphone 6. so, when ever Iphone 7 is going to be launched the price is going down for all the Iphones and that no secret.

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Reason 3: Increasing Android Platform Users.

As we all know that most of the people are moving towards the Android platform because of its easy use that iphone is unable to provide and this is going to be great setback for Apple. So, Apple should try to make there OS more user friendly.

Conclusion ! What Apple Should Really Do.

This is really serious matter for Apple to increase its sales but the reason Apple took a risk to launch Iphone SE is to provide people with the most of the latest specifications but keep the screen size to the most loving Iphone ever made 5s. This is not only going to make there way back in the the smartphone market but also going to help them to make a whole new range of customers.

So, this is the complete report why this can be a great setback for Iphone and Apple.