Wiz Khalifa Pay Tribute To Paul Walker

Wiz Khalifa Pay Tribute To Paul Walker : Wiz Khalifa pays tribute to Paul Walker on the stage of Billboard Music Awards of 2015. The rapper gave a heartfelt performance; it was hosted by Fast and Furious 7 actors. Actor Tyrese Gibson also performed there. Charlie Puth who sings the track, opened the emotional ballad on the piano, this is an emotional moment and brought tears to everybody’s eyes. Charlee’s music video released in the month of April broke all records. Charlie thanked Walker’s fans using his official twitter account.

Fast and Furious 7 see you again

Wiz Khalifa Pay Tribute To Paul Walker

Charlie wrote on his twitter “I know by watching us all of you thinking about Paul Walker”. In this franchise Paul footage featured throughout total video, honors Walker’s legacy in mega popular film series and also shows his close relationship with his all classmates.

During an interview to BET Khalifa opened about the hit single and its inspiration. Khaliffa says, “My whole objective was to make something that everybody can connect with. It feels personal, but it something that everybody can feel too. It’s not so personal that you are disconnected to it”.

Paul Walker was a reputed Hollywood actor who died in a fatal car accident in 2013 while promoting his charitable work in California, the United States. The actor has been part of all Fast and Furious season until now. The teaser of the latest Fast and Furious seaon 7 is released posthumously featuring the actor himself.

The song “See you Again” sung by Wiz Khalifa, it is a soundtrack from Fast and Furios 7 which is a tribute to Paul Walker.