WWE NXT 26th May 2016 Results Biggest Winners Losers Highlights

WWE NXT 26th May 2016 Results Biggest Winners Losers Highlights :- World Wrestling Entertainment WWE is a very popular show of wrestling and fights. We all are crazy fans of this show. Everyone loves to see the exciting matches and controversies in it. Today we will tell you the news about the WWE NXT.


We will say about the results, winners losers highlights in written. We will provide you all the information related to the WWE NXT 26 MAY.

WWE NXT is the best platform for that superstar who wants to be a WWE superstar and want to fight in Raw and SmackDown. NXT announced the number 1 contender Women’s Championship.

Austin Aries succeeded to make an impact in NXT to battle for the WWE Women’s Championship. We will reveal all the details and information about the tonight’s match.

Today William Regal will start this show, and he will inform everyone that NXT superstar Belly has been injured, and she will not be able to face Asuka at Takeover. So you will miss this fight. But you should watch this episode fully.

No one could predict the WWE matches and the interesting facts. You will see a triple threat match between Nia Jax vs. Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss as the main event match tonight. And the winner of this match will face Asuka at Takeover.

So it will be exciting to see when three of these stars will face each other tonight in NXT.


1. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa will defeat TM61 in a tag match tonight.
2. Jose beat Jonathon Ordagan in a single men match up tonight.
3. Nia Jex defeated Carmella and Alexa Bliss in a triple threat match tonight.

So you will see all the exciting matches tonight when these superstars will face each other.All these matches will be fully entertaining and action packed. So don’t forget to watch these matches.