Yamini Turns into Shesha! Naagin 17th April 2016 Written Updates Episode

Yamini Turns into Shesha! Naagin 17th April 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night “Naagin” episode started with Sangram singh praying Seshnag and says he is the Shivji’s guard and Naag Mani’s protector. Now he is shocked to see that Shivanya enters the Haveli in as the Nagin and she is busy searching the Naag Mani but till now she did not find the Naag Mani but shocked to know that it the Yamini is the killer of the her parents not Sangram Singh and he alleged Sangram Singh for the same.


Naagin 17th April 2016 Written Updates

Now Sangram Singh tried to kill Yamini but Yamini runaway and saved her life. She breaks wall and enters room. She sees Naag Mani over the Seshnag and tries to pick it, but Sangram Singh did not allowed her to do so.

And Shivanaaya watched the entire scene, Yamini takes the Naag Mani and shooted Sangram Singh and run away with that and Sangram Singh saked Shivanaaya to save the Naag Mani and now Shivanaaya run. But it is Yamini teach Shesha to kill Shivanaaya in order to marry Rithvik, and Shesha did so as she is in love with Rithvik. Shesha and Shivanaaya now fight with each other and Shesha try her best to kill Shivanaaya. Now Yamini send a Hawk in order to kill Shivanaaya. And the Hawk now attacks Shivanaaya. But Shivanaaya run away from the Hawk and managed to save herself.

Sangram Singh does Pooja and all that to protect his Naag Mani from Yamini and Ankush Raheja. Now Shavanaaya run towards Yamini in Ankush’s forms and asked Yamini to give him the Naag Mani. Yamini said to the Shivanaaya who is right now in the Ankush form that I keep the Naag Mani here in the garden.

And yamini leaved now and Shivanayaa said that she will be seeking the revenge of her parent’s death, and Shivanaaya now get to know it surely that it is Ankush Raheja and Yamini Raheja killed her parents. Now Shivanaaya promised to herself that she will be seeking revenge to both Ankush and Yamini.

Precap: Yamini tells Shivanya that she knows she is Nagin. Shivanya says she will be now seeking revenge of her parents death and asked Yamini to arrive in the Shiv Mandir, and here Yamini turns in to Shesha and captured Shivanaaya in the cage and said now Shesha will be celebrates wedding night with Rithvik in the front of the Shivanaaya.