‪#‎ALDUBYouGoodbye‬ “Eat Bulaga AlDub KalyeSerye” 6th February 2016 Written Updates

‪#‎ALDUBYouGoodbye‬ “Eat Bulaga AlDub KalyeSerye” 6th February 2016 Written Updates : The TV series “Eat Bulaga Aldub KalyaSerya” is a longest running noon show of Indonesia which constantly winning hearts of the audiences with its high TRPS rating. With the arrival of New Year, new style of the show has been launched which is very unique as well Aldub is became huge popular.


Eat Bulaga KalyeSerye AlDub 6th Feb 2016 Episode

With the arrival of month February “AlDub KalyeSerye” enters in Day 171 and now “Aldub” is trending with new official hash-tag #ALDUBPangalawangPagsubok. Anyway in the latest episode of “Aldub” it has been shown that Lola Tinidora is writing in her diary, meanwhile, when Lola was busy doing so, Nidora bought a Chinese lucky charms for her as well some fruits to offered her.

Yaya Dub just arrived from her school. When Nidora speaks with Yaya Dub about the kiss which she received from Alden, Yaya became surprised at the same time happy too. Alden comes in the scene with a Chinese Tikoy, but Lola Nidora is thinking about Alden, it is just feelings which they feel literally.

Now Maine put some condition for the Lolas and Alden also decides to do anything for Lola Nidora. So they created the Dubsmash video for Alden & Divina.

Alden & Maine momentarily leaves the Lolas, where are they going? Now probably AnseRa will be having a love story?
Nidora is also busy with her loves story. Nidora was running away from Mama Ariana suddenly she fell down; fortunately she received help in the streets. Mama Ariana was so mad at Nidora for leaving her mansion. Mama Ariana wants Nidora to give a good life.

But Nidora and Anselmo found each outreached to the hospital and there Ansemola suffered from migraine. Nidora shocked and sad to hear that now it is important from Ansemola to remove the tumor.

So now Nidora came back in her mansion. Nidora wanted to seek forgiveness from her Mama and Nidora also asked her mother to help in Anselmo in her operation, which is having amount of 20 thousand pesos. Ariana listen these all and she is agreed with Nidora.