10 Biggest Features Google Maps got in 2017 | All You Need to Know

10 Biggest Features Google Maps got in 2017: – The Google Maps has come into sight post the go-to tool which is the more important feature of the traveling sector. This is the only gauze traffic conditions which depict on the route and it showcase on the town of ours.

This is a tool known as the SOS which is turned to in complete unknown locations. Helping people to find the way where the Google Maps can develop a connection with the new cities and countries. In the past one year, Google also declared a slew of new features for Google Maps, even some features of this app come in India very first).

Ten biggest feature update Google Map roll out in 2017

1). In India, the Google first rolled out and this is the specific feature called ‘Two-wheeler’ mode that is available on the Google for India event this year. The mode can display the routes for road trips with shortcuts and it is customized traffic and arrival time estimations.

This new mode also displays the main or crucial landmarks on the routes so that riders can plan their trip as per this map anyway.

The feature is currently only available in India and will be rolled out in globally very soon.

2). Google Maps is having another crucial feature which will be developed in 2017 and it will be going to help both iOS and Android only to search their parked cars.

As per an article about the Google Maps the company said regarding the same, “Android users can tap the blue dot only to save and tap the parking which adds their parking location to the map.

This is the label on the map itself spot and recognized which parked their car. Tap on that label to open up the parking card, where people can add additional details about the each and every parking spot.

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On the other side, the iOS users can also see and follow this similar kind of process. “iOS users have to tap on the blue dot so that they can tap and set the parking location and eventually they will add the same on the parking spot to the map itself.

People need to tap the parking label on the map where they open the parking card and do things like share it with friends and view pictures of the parking area which belongs to them.

3). In 2017 in the month of July, the Google added a feature to its Maps app which let know its users regarding the best and good time of the day when they can travel.

This particular feature will be also let its users know how to go somewhere, which route to take and what is the best time of the day to travel. The app will also display the bar graph which is all set to showcase the important information like estimated time and distance and the number of tolls so that traveler can choose the perfect way to travel.

4). Google has too introduced the SOS alert that will be consists of its Maps app on this 2017 which will help the users at the time of their any crisis. The company stated that the time of any crisis users cans being witness the special and specific icon on the map.

People need to tap the icon; in case of this feature for the Google Maps and afterward, they can see each information on the same which can be considered as helpful numbers and websites for the public.

This map can also showcase the real-time updates, like road closures and traffic and transit updates.

5). As of now some features of the Google Maps will be only going to available at the Android, this Google Maps feature will also permit the users to ask the question to a specific location via this map.

The company said, “To ask or answer a question—or read the existing questions and answers about a place—simply search for the location on Google Maps or Search and open the local business listing. Then scroll down to the “Question & answers”.

This is the particular section reportedly where people can ask a question by adding questions there and the people can get the answer to their question via this app anyway.

Here in this app people can also have the answer from someone else’s question, or upvote informative ones by tapping the thumbs up icon.

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Upvoted questions and answers can be seen at the top of the section which is touted as the helpful content and this is also the accessible anyway.

6). Google also rolled out with the support from the book Uber which is directly coming from the Google Maps in this year 2017.

The feature is accessible and available for both Android and iOS users. In this Google Maps, the Uber integration enables users where people can seek advice from the Uber directly from the Maps.

Alongside, in this feature, the users are all set to able to check when the driver will be on the en route so that it can pickup location and this can be found via this app.

The users can also monitor the trip status from the Google Maps itself and contact the driver via this app.

7). On the last year, the Google Maps also received an update that brought the feature which makes it possible for the users to users to share their list of their some favorite locations and places with their family and friends.

This feature of the Google Map is going to be available for both the iOS and the Android, this feature will also permit the users to add their place to the list by simply tapping on a selected venue and eventually they can save the option by hitting on the same.

Once a place is saved then a dialogue box will appear where users can mark a particular place as their ‘favourite’, ‘want to go’ and ‘starred places’.

Posts this feature will be done people can easily share any of their place on the list with their contacts.

8). Google introduced this feature as their new operating system Android 8.0 Oreo in the month of June on the last year.

The OS offers a captivating feature which is recognized as the called picture-in-picture mode. The company is all set to add now the same feature to Google Maps also.

The feature can work on all devices running Android 8.0 Oreo. Users can use this feature with Google Maps; by pressing the long home button and the navigation mode too.

This is all set to shrink in their own route that is all set to appear on a small window on the home screen which will permit the users to use this app even on any other to use any app.

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9). This is one interesting and crucial feature that Google introduced this year. With this feature users can 331 public toilets in New Delhi areas. Users’ just need to write ‘Toilet’ or ‘Public Toilet’ in Goole map and then the app will help to find by showing them the nearest toilet in the city.

10). Google has also declared a new Android version purposely for emerging markets like India. Called Android Oreo (Go Edition), the OS version arrived alongside its own suite of new apps which will be aiming to save more data on budget smartphones.

This is also taking the side of the company which is deal with the issue of the eliminating of the ‘Android fragmentation’ and this can be also able to bring Android Oreo to budget devices.

These are some of the crucial features which you need to know about this new operating system of the Google Maps.