10 Foods that helps you to burn Fat while Sleeping

10 Foods that helps you to burn Fat while Sleeping : Foods that help you to lose weight when you eat them while you are going to take a nap at night.

If you really want to lose weight starving yourself is not a solution. Keep an eye on mindful eating. If you skip dinner at night you will end up with midnight cravings and your body will require breakfast in the morning in a huge amount and you will unable to balance your calories count of the whole day.

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Here are 10 foods that will keep you fuller at night plus helps you to give you a good sleep at night.



A banana is full of tryptophan and fibers which help you to curb your hunger and gives you a good sleep at night.

A single banana contains 100 calories.


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if you inhale the aroma of mint at night it will help you to burn calories while sleeping and also it will initiate the loss of appetite.

Bonus: no calories *happy dance*


images (36)Cheese contains proteins and healthy fats that help you to keep fuller. The presence of amino acid in cheese helps you to take a good nap.

One slice of cheese is equal to 80 calories.

Low-fat yoghurt

download (26)It contains tryptophan compounds that help our body to secrete relaxing hormones that help to induce good sleep. On cup of yogurt is equal to 150 calories.

Protein shake

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If you drink Protein shake before you sleep it helps to keep your metabolism active. It also needs more calories to digest it. A bottle of protein shake contains 150 calories.

Black pepper

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If you include black pepper in your food. It helps you to burn more fat from the body. Eating black pepper in dinner at night helps you to control the morning cravings.


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Carrot keeps you fuller for a long time which discursively helps you to have a good sleep . If you take a good sleep at night it will in return help you to burn more calories. A carrot contains only 4 calories which are surprisingly so minimal after mint. *wink*


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You must hear many benefits of eating oats I’m pretty sure. Eating oats keeps you fuller and it is easily digestible. If you eat with milk it will provide some extra amount of proteins to your body. A bowl full of oats is equal to 200 calories.

Apple and Peanut butter

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Apple is full of fibers and Peanut butter is full of proteins both are also cut down the craving for your sweet tooth. Eating both of them together will suppress the hunger and provides you a better sleep.

Nonfat Chocolate pudding

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It doesn’t contain fats and it contains cocoa which gives you a better sleep. A cup of pudding contains 90 calories.