10 Important Terms That Every Web Developer Should Know

10 Important terms that every web developer should know : With the increase in the popularity of the internet, people see an opportunity for themselves to grow their own businesses online by setting up websites for their businesses and for this they have started taking interest in web developing too. Here are some web developing terms that you should definitely know if you are stepping in this field of web development.

10 Important Terms That Every Web Developer Should Know

10 Important Terms That Every Web Developer Should Know

HTML, CSS and JavaScript: The full form of HTML is Hypertext Markup Language and it basically is a markup language which is used for describing web documents or web pages. HTML is the most basic building block of a webpage as it is the language that gives a webpage its structure.But, HTML alone is not sufficient enough to complete a webpage as a webpage should look beautiful on a screen and the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) help in describing the presentation of an HTML document, thus helping in making webpages look good. After the HTML and CSS programming, JavaScript comes into play to make a webpage responsive.

Responsive Design: A responsive design simply means a design of a webpage that can run on different devices and browsers easily without any lags or errors. This is really important as it enhances the overall user experience. If you find it difficult to get a responsive design, a reputed Web Developer Sydney can help you with that.

Semantic HTML: This term is one of the most important terms in web designing as it actually tells a browser that what the contents in an element are all about. Simple markups tags like <p>, <meta>, etc. of HTML are used for this purpose.

SaaS: Software as a service or SaaS basically deals with the platforms offered to users through an online network. The services like Google OneDrive or Microsoft Azure come under this.

A/B Testing: A/B testing or split testing simply means testing two different version of a web page to see which one turns out to be better. Test results are generally based upon the conversion rates.

ARIA: ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Application. It is an application that helps different users with different requirements to use a web interface effectively. For example, for people with visual impairment, a narrating application could be a help.

Information Architecture:The webpages like site map of a website come under this. This helps the users to get an idea of what content is where on a website and what it is about. It can be seen as a systematic organization of the data of a website.

Server-Side scripting: It is a technique in which web developers employ scripts on the web server itself.  Generally the PHP and ASP. Net languages are used for the purpose.

Visual hierarchy: It is the arrangement of elements or the content of a web page according to its importance. The methods of applying bigger size, bright colors, etc. are used to make important things the eye catching ones.

Infinite and parallax scrolling: These two terms are a bit different but are often come together in a webpage. In infinite scrolling all of the content is loaded on a single page rather than on different pages and the parallax scrolling gives an effect to the webpage which offers movement on the page with the scrolling.