10 Instagram Features that Will Increase Your Engagement

Instagram is a huge platform that offers multiple features to its users. If you are an influencer, or you are on the road to becoming one, you need to discover the platform’s features that can help you the most. Some of them are ideal for increasing the engagement of your posts, while others are all about sharing fun and entertaining moments with your followers. Regardless of the features that you use, you still need to buy Instagram followers and automatic Instagram likes to boost your account.

It is the truth that active accounts that use every feature that the platform is offering have a significant advantage over the rest of the users. Their posts are more likely to gather a huge number of likes and comments, thus ending up on the Explore page easier. As you may realize, taking advantage of these features is an essential part of finding success on the platform.

In this article, you are going to discover the features that will boost your engagement apart from getting automatic Instagram likes.

#1 Instagram Stories

No one can deny the popularity that Stories have gained over the years. In fact, they have become so popular that every social media platform has added a similar feature. The temporary content is great for sharing quick updates about your life, promote your posts, your sponsorships, and encouraging engagement with your followers. Instagram offers you plenty of stickers that you can use to start a conversation with the users that follow you. The question sticker is an excellent example of ways to ignite conversation. However, remember to Boost Instagram followers to make your Stories more visible.

#2 Highlight Collections

If you have put a lot of effort into the creation of your Stories, you will want to keep them visible for more than 24 hours. Highlight collections is a tool that allows you to save your favorite Stories into groups. Then, these collections are shown on your profile just under your bio. You can upload separate covers for each collection so that they look beautiful and attract your visitors’ attention. Highlight collections is another feature that will make your account look more professional, making it easier for you to gain followers.

#3 Instagram Live

It won’t make a difference if you buy Instagram followers and automatic Instagram likes, without trying to do an Instagram Live. If you research the social media trends of the past few years, you will realize that live streaming has become very important for influencers and creators. Users tend to trust more the influencers that go live and are interacting with them in real-time. Your Instagram Live can be about anything, such as a commentary, a how-to video, a presentation, or even a Q&A session.

#4 IGTV Videos

The next feature that you need to explore on Instagram is IGTV. First of all, you can save your Instagram Lives on your IGTV so that your viewers can directly watch them anytime they want. Moreover, you can create a video series that users will be looking out for. When you create the series, you need to find a common theme and a common aesthetic for all of your banners. Moreover, make sure that you get automatic Instagram likes for your videos so that they reach a wide audience.

#5 Set a Pinned Comment

Sometimes you want to highlight a wonderful comment you have received. Other times, you want to add something to your caption and you write it as a comment under your post. No matter the reason why you need it, you can now pin a comment so that it shows first on every user. This is a great feature that boosts engagement as it encourages users to leave comments in hope that you will pin them. Of course, the only way to be successful in this is to bring your posts to as many users as possible. To do this, simply buy Instagram followers.

#6 Sharing Posts to Stories

As you may already know, your Stories are an exceptionally useful tool that you need to take advantage of. Consider that many users are mostly checking their Story updates rather than their feeds. Therefore, if you want to effectively promote your latest content, you will have to add it to your Stories. Luckily, Instagram has made this process easier than ever before. Under each post, you will see the share button, which also enables you to add it to your Stories.

#7 Shoppable Posts

If you own a business and you are trying to find new customers on Instagram, then you have to use Shoppable posts. In these, you can tag the products that you show in each post you create. Users can tap on them and purchase them directly from Instagram. However, remember that this feature works only if you set up an Instagram Shop, which is another new tool for businesses. In any case, your Shoppable posts will benefit from automatic Instagram likes as they will reach a wide audience.

#8 Adding Multiple Videos or Images to Stories

Another big change on Instagram is that you can now add multiple images and videos to your Stories at once. This feature saves you time and effort as you only need to select the content that you want to upload. When you have picked your images and videos, add your stickers, write your captions, and you are done.

#9 Hashtag Insights

This is one of the most recent changes that Instagram has introduced and it is really a game-changer. Up until now, you could only see how many views your post has got from all of your hashtags. However, right now the application breaks down this number so that you can see which hashtags had the most views.

#10 Posting to Multiple Accounts

Another big change on Instagram is that you can post content on multiple accounts at once. On the final screen, before publishing the post, Instagram will show you all of your connected accounts so that you can choose where you want it to be posted.

All of these are great features that will boost the engagement of your account. However, you shouldn’t neglect to buy Instagram followers to accelerate your growth.

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