10 Things You Should Never Search on Google To Stay Safe

In order to get any required information, most of the internet users habitually open on a Google Search window. Currently, from basic food recipes, locations, online banking and money transfer or even buying medicines, everything is just a Google search away.

10 Things You Should Never Search on Google To Stay Safe

It is to be noted that Google doesn’t create this content. It is simply an online platform or a search engine where you find websites that offer you the information that you want. So it is to be understood that everything that one sees or learn by searching on Google doesn’t necessarily have to be correct and accurate.

Hence we brought to you the 10 most common things one should avoid searching on Google.

  • Bank’s online banking websites

It is highly advisable not to do a Google search to find your bank’s online banking website unless you know the exact official URL. Always, enter the official URL of your bank’s online banking portal to access the site to stay safe as chances of phishing increasing drastically in which you might enter your bank’s login ID and password on a website that may just look like the bank’s official website and could be a phishing site instead.

  • Customer care numbers of companies

Fraudsters post fake business listings and customer care numbers on websites to make gullible people believe that these are original customer care numbers to scam them. Customer care number search is one of the most common scams on Google.

  • Apps and software to download them

For mobile apps, always search for apps on official app stores like Google Play for Android and App Store for iPhones. Searching apps on Google might lead to fake app installations with malware content.

  • Medicines or medical symptoms

It is highly advisable not to skip the doctor and rely on Google search information to know about a disease while you are sick. Also, it is dangerous to buy medicines based on the information you find on Google.

  • Serious advice and guidance on personal finances and stock market

Like health, personal finance is unique for each. There can never be one investment plan that will make everyone rich. So, avoid taking advice from Google search results while investing.

  • Government websites

Like banking websites, government websites like municipality tax, hospitals, etc. are prime targets of scammers. As it is difficult to identify which website is original always opt to directly visit any particular government website instead of searching for it on Google.

  • Social media websites to login

It is always advisable to access social media accounts by directly typing the URL in the address box of your browser instead of searching for the login page on Google as this might lead to phishing.

  • E-commerce websites or offers on Google

Fake web pages of so-called offers on e-commerce websites have flooded Google search. This is another classic scam in which people are lured with attractive deals to click on malicious websites to steal their online banking login details.

  • Free antivirus apps or software on Google

Avoid searching for Antivirus apps or software on Google as there are scores of fake products out there and it becomes difficult to identify the original ones.

  • Coupon codes on Google to get discounts

If you get a Coupon code for discount on shopping, then it’s fine else don’t go out hunting for it on Google as you might land on fake websites which might sell fake coupons to you at a cheap price and then steal your banking details.

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