11 people are declared dead in Hyderabad building collapse

11 people are declared dead in Hyderabad building collapse : -In the ill-fated collapse of the Nanakramguda building in the Hyderabad, results in the death of 11 people. The troll of the deceased person raised to 11 once the rescue team started searching for the dead bodies. A senior officer from the Cyberabad police said ” around 13 people were sleeping in the building when this tragic incident occurred and only two persons, a mother and her child managed to escape the death.”Meanwhile, the experts are investigating the causes of collapsing of the building, and the further reports will suggest the reason behind the Nanakramguda building collapsing.


The local Police have arrested Satyana-rayana Singh from the from Pamba in Kerala as the former is charged with the with culpable homicide not amounting to murder. However, the further investigation of the collapsing building will ensure the charges against him.

Meanwhile, the authorities have suspended planning section officers R. Rajender and P. Madhu for not allowing unauthorized construction of builder Satyanarayana Singh.

Check out below for the name of the persons who are dead in the Hyderabad Nanakramguda building collapse:

Neti Paidamma, 35, her daughter Neti Gowri, 13, her husband Sambaiah, 40, and Venkat Lakshmi, Kotipalli Polinaidu, 30, Narayanamma Polina-idu, 23, Pridi Polinaidu, 25, Piridi Mohan, 3, Na-dagalla Shankar, 23, Durga Rao, 25, all natives of Vizianagaram, and Shiva, 30, of Chhattis-garh