Shocking! 11 Years Old Girl Dies Waiting In Queue At Gurgaon Civil Hospital

Shocking! 11 Years Old Girl Dies Waiting In Queue At Gurgaon Civil Hospital :- An 11 years old girl died While waiting in a queue at a government hospital in Gurgaon. The died minor is said to be waiting along with her mother and died before her turn. This has occurred due to the negligence of the duty by a staff member and a doctor who was present at that moment.


The girl was suffering from a kidney-related problem who reached to the hospital in a critical problem along with her mother. This has occurred on Monday. The Chief Medical Officer of Gurgaon Civil Hospital said 

“After spending about 45 minutes waiting to get a slip for admission, the girl allegedly fainted and passed away”

The reporters of Ambala asked Haryana’s Health Minister Anil Vij, strict action would be taken if any official is found guilty. He was present throughout the Rio Olympics as to lead a state delegation and he returned this Wednesday where he came to know about the incident.

Ramesh Dhankar, the former one said Dr. Umesh Mehta, who was designated at the Out Patients Department (OPD) at the time when the incident occurred. The doctor has been released from his charge as per the negligence and has been received a show cause notice.

A staff member, Anita who was a lady attendant at that time was also terminated from her duty as she also found guilty. He added.

Dhankar further said the dead minor’s mother did not ask for the help at the hospital or rushed to emergency ward instead stood in the queue, waiting for the slip as to admit the patient to the OPD.