12 Films with Power Packed Life Lesson Climax Shots

12 Films with Power Packed Life Lesson Climax Shots : We all love songs, story, acting and choreography in a good movie. But a thing that we love about movies is its climax shot. The climax shot is one of the powerful ingredients that makes story hit or flop.

A climax shot justifies the story of the movie whether it lasts for two minutes or twenty.

Here are the 12 pickups that have the most power packed climax shots that even gives you goosebumps at first.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan


This shot looks much similar to Amir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par, still when Munni speaks her first word ‘Mama’ and runs to hug Pawan aka Salman that moment literally gives teary eyes to everyone in the theaters and can’t resist oneself from whooping.



And we know that this is the third version of Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel. SRK-Madhuri-Aishwarya made this movie the memorable one. The climax of the movie is so heart-breaking when Paro runs screaming ‘Deva’ meanwhile Dev takes his last breath and dies  on Paro’s gate.

Kal Ho Na Ho


Watching this movie without a box of tissue seems impossible. The movie after an interval left us weeping and the end scene which has Preity Zinta describing her tale to her daughter wins our heart.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani


Bunny proposed to Naina in a cliche dharma style on New Year’s eve but what actually made the climax beautiful was their absurd banter and ‘dreamy plans’ for their future.




While Vidya Balan owned the film by the climax that gives chills to the spines. The whole scene became powerful when Vidya turned into Durga avatar.



The climax of the film has Simran jump to the roof and committing suicide by jumping off the roof while Daya too is hanged till death. Simran has shown falling through the air and after she reaches the ground we see her standing in a grassland and staring at Daya, who is holding Bittu.



Zeenat forgives Meera and the last shot has Meera stretching her hand from the train towards Meera and she grabbed it. Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dor taught us that when you forgive someone, you release the other person and yourself too from a condition.



Tara and Ved reunited and he starts pursuing his passion. The theater scene in which Ved is on the stage and Tara is clapping and cheering for him was one of the most powerful scenes of the film.



Ranveer set a painful but beautiful aura in the film. Before Varun (Ranveer Singh) is shot dead by the police, he didn’t give up on his daily duty of painting the leaves for Pakhi. However, when he does it for the last time, the whole part that has him climbing the tree and painting.



When Rani visits Vijay’s home, he thinks that Rani forgives him. We  hooted for Rani while sitting as the audience in the theater. When Rani hands him the engagement ring and says ‘thank you’, we realized that Kangana Ranaut owned the scene, and also the film.



After Sanjay’s revenge was over, the film ends with still-amnesiac Sanjay volunteering at an orphanage. Sunita (Jiah Khan) gave him a gift that brought back Kalpana’s memories and those moments they spent together. While it leaves Aamir speechless, he keeps sitting on the bench calmly.

Luck By Chance

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A liberated girl Sona Mishra (Konkona Sen Sharma) gives another chance to her Bollywood dreams, stardom and most importantly, her own self.