12-year-old murdered by his teen sister’s rapists in Punjab

12-year-old murdered by his teen sister’s rapists in Punjab: On June 15, in Patiala, The case of mysterious death of a 12-year-old boy in a village found hanging from the ceiling of his house has been making the report. The police have accused 3 people from the same village with not only killing the boy but also allegedly raped his teen sister.

The Official report, says the boy was strangulated to death by the accused, the post he caught them raping his 14-year-old sister. The 3 men then hanged the body from the ceiling to make it look like a suicide and also threatened the girl that they will kill her parents also if she revealed anything to them.

on June 15, The parents were out of the house as they were attending the cremation of a villager and the rape victim was alone at home. The 3 accused men allegedly forcibly entered the house then raped the girl.

The boy, who was playing in the open nearby, returned home and shocked to see the main gate locked. He entered the house by scaling the boundary wall and see the 3 men are raping his sister. As he tried to raise an alarm, the 3 men caught him and strangulated him to make him silence. They hanged the body from a hook in the ceiling using a cloth to make it appear like a suicide.

The parents, who work as laborers, returned home and found the boy’s body so they informed the same to the police.

Both the parents and police refused to believe this suicide theory from the starting. The parents had initially alleged that the boy’s maternal uncle could have murdered the boy because of some old issues.

The police finally approached the girl, suspecting that she knew more and then she revealed the entire story.

The cop of the state said post the revelations they have registered a fresh case that includes sections related to murder, rape and criminal conspiracy against the 3 accused men who are in their 20’s. They have also been booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

All the three are running away and the police teams trying to track them down. Officials said they had an idea about their hideout and expected to arrest them very soon.