12th Nov 2015 Swaragini Today Episode Written Updates

12th Nov 2015 Swaragini Today Episode Written Updates : In the TV serial “Swaragini” tonight high voltage melodrama should be take place in which the foursome of the Maheshwari house will be going in the farm house which includes Lakshay, Sanskar, Swara and Ragini. They went in the farm house to take a final decision regarding accepting of Lakshay by Swara. As after Lakshay tried to commit suicide, Sanskar explain it to Swara that she should be given second chance to Lakshay. So, they decide to move in the farm house.

Swaragini 12th November 2015 Episode

Last night episode it shown that it was actually, Ragini’s plan to move into the Farm House where the final decision of the Swara’s plan will be discuses. “Bade Papa” take promise from Sanskar that he should take care of Swara and Swara is major responsibility of her. Sanskar promised in his heart that he won’t allow anything to happen with Swara till he is alive.

Sanskar mom seen last night skeptical about the outing of the young people. Anyway they Lakshay, Swara, Sanskar and Ragini enter in the farm house finally.

So, in the tonight episode it will be shown that Swara and Lakshay will be coming close to each other, actually, Swara will be getting slip in by soap and Lakshay will be holding her and will be protecting her from falling.

But, Ragini is in a secret plan with this plan she enter in the farm house and she will be also seen promising to herself that she will be achieving everything which she loss and she loss from here and she will be getting from here.