13 Killed! Terror Attacks in Spain: Two attacks in 8 Hours, over 100 Injured

13 Killed! Terror Attacks in Spain: Two attacks in 8 Hours, over 100 Injured :- Terror Attacks in Spain: Today was not one of the best days for the people of Barcelona, Spain because of two terror attacks. Well, the best part is local police gun down the 5 terrorists on the moment and now you can say that everyone is safe. As per the reports, Terror struck Spain on Thursday leaving at least 13 dead and over hundred injured in two attacks. Sources are saying that the attacks were well planned.

Now, the Local Police are saying that the whole situation is under control which means that nobody has to afraid no more. Well, reports are saying that on the very first attack of the day in Barcelona, a van driver mowed down scores of people on the busy street of Las Ramblas on Thursday afternoon. Also, the second attack was quite similar too and happened just after the first attack it took place at Cambrils, 120 km south of Barcelona in which an Audi A3 car mowed down pedestrians, leaving six civilians and a police official injured.

Terror Attacks in Spain

Also, Police took the action immediately and gun down all suspects on the scene. As per the reports, the police killed four suspects in this attack and arrested one who was injured and has now succumbed to his injuries.  For further protection police are now scanning the whole situation and carrying out a search operation called “Anti-Terror operation”. Also, the police departments are asked people to stay indoors.

Barcelona 13 Killed, over 100 Injured

Well, the reports are saying that there were at least 18 nationalities among the Barcelona victims from France, Venezuela, Australia, Ireland, Peru, Algeria and China, according to Spain’s civil protection agency. Reports are coming that till now there is no news of any Indian victim. Also, the reports are saying that police are still trying to find the other missing parts of the case but ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The IS propaganda agency Amaq claimed that “soldiers” from the jihadist group carried out the attack, according to the Site Intelligence Group which monitors Islamist websites. You can say that these types of attacks are not good for the world and peace.