15 dead as heat wave hits Canada

15 dead as heat wave hits Canada: A total number of of 15 people died from complications related to the hot and humid weather which has been shown in the Eastern and Central Canada since last weekend, as per the CTV on Wednesday.

All the demised were happened in Montreal, Canada where the temperature hit 40 C degree Wednesday that when factoring in the humidity, and the heat is all set to last until Friday, Xinhua reported. The Montreal authorities have also called on local people which also take precautions in order to avoid heat-related illness.

Toronto protesters question Safe Third Country Agreement also with U.S.

on Saturday This rally was held in Toronto, in order to protest the separation of families who were caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. One demonstrator told to the Canadian government which also required “standing up” and addressing the situation.

The all Firefighters are going door-to-door in order to check on at-risk inhabitants in Montreal and the health officials have set up drop-in cooling centers in the town which also offer respite from sizzling temperatures.

Southern Ontario has been hard hit also and the humidex in Ottawa on Canada Day was 47 C, which is regarded as the highest recorded for the capital city.

The Montreal city government also claim that an “extreme heat” plan Tuesday, which includes distributing water to groups working with the homeless. Mayor Valerie Plante also urged people to check on vulnerable neighbors, which include the seniors also.

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health extended the city’s heat which also warns until further notice over the weekend. The city has extended its pool hours which also opened its seven cooling centers that will be providing air-conditioned spaces and cold drinks. Toronto is also providing transit tokens for a person which is also experiencing homelessness in order to go in the cool places.

Temperatures in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, has been reached to the 30 degrees every day since last Friday.

The heat wave has hit the Atlantic provinces also and the heat warning is in effect for Halifax as Nova Scotia has been
experiencing temperatures of around 30 C degrees.