15-Year-Old Girl Killed For Talking To Boys By Parents in Nalgonda

15-Year-Old Girl Killed For Talking To Boys By Parents in Nalgonda :- Well, the very tragic news is coming out from the Hyderabad, where a 15-year-old girl was killed by her parents in Nalgonda because she was talking to the school friends group, which included boys.  Sources are saying that she was seen talking to the boys and that’s why her parents killed her. Even the police reports are saying that P. Radhika was active in school and friends with both girls and boys, which isn’t good news for the parent and father, killed her.

Also, the reports are coming that Radhika was the younger daughter of the farmer couple Narasimha and Lingamma, residing in Chintapally. The couple also has a son Rajashekar (28), working in Hyderabad. Radhika was intelligent and good at her studies and enjoyed extracurricular activities offered by her school. Even, she was one of the famous faces in the school and she is quite a friendly child.

15-Year-Old Girl Killed Nalgonda

On the other hand, her father was not that cool with all these things and he told her not to be friendly with others and restricted her from taking part in school activities. Even, they had high hopes for her and she is quite different and wanted to do something in her life. Even, when father told her that doesn’t take parts of school activities she refused and said she has not done anything wrong. After that, Father hit the girl’s head against a wall, say cops

That whole incident made his father angry and he became more strict and angry and further restricted her from being with her friends. Also, the reports are saying that last Friday when her father saw her with a group of friends, which includes boys.

After that, father and the daughter had a long argument which ends up with the life of Radhika. Her, father throttled her and hit her head on the wall, and kicked her in the stomach till she fell unconscious. “Realising that she was dead, he poured kerosene over her and set her ablaze. He also told his wife not to reveal anything and walked out. A neighbor passing by observed the smoke from the house and alerted the villagers,” Police said.