17 People Dead in Delhi’s Bawana Cracker factory Fire; Police arrested the Owner

17 People Dead in Delhi’s Bawana Cracker factory Fire; Police arrested the Owner: – Fire is being the reason for death and tragic accident nowadays a lot and people are being so much unprepared for it. As you all may know that long back ago in June 1997 at Uphaar Cinema Hall in south Delhi. Overall, this type of accident happened on Saturday when a massive fire broke out in a cracker factory in Delhi’s northwest Bawana Industrial Area. After that 17 people died which includes 10 Women and they were burnt to death.

Reports are coming that at least half a dozen people are trapped inside the building and rescue operations are on. We aren’t expecting that ay good news will come out from this but this incident is surely very bad things which ever happened till now. Also, the reports are coming that a few of the workers jumped to save themselves. Even, one man jumped off the terrace, sustained fractures and is said to be critical.

Also, the reports are coming that The Delhi Fire Services is claiming that there was no window for the exit. Also, the staircase was allegedly packed with cartons. Sources are saying that the police already arrested the factory owner Manoj Jain and now after the rescue operation and investigation police will surely going to find out the reasons why this all happened.

Fire department’s reports are coming that the building did not adhere to the fire safety norms. The cracker factory was allegedly opened just 15 days ago and was not following any fire safety norms. It ripped through the building around 6.20 pm. The fire department received a call around 6.40 pm and 10 fire tenders were rushed to the spot.

“The fire was of category four which means it was not a big fire. However, explosions took place inside the factory that resulted in the casualties,” said Garg. “All casualties are from Sector 5 fire. It is completely under control now. We have recovered 17 bodies so far,” said GC Mishra, director, Delhi Fire Services.