17-year-old ‘Gangraped’ by Three Men in Greater Noida, One Accused Known to Her

17-year-old ‘Gangraped’ by Three Men in Greater Noida, One Accused Known to Her: -The claimed that the arrested men had warned her of frightful outcomes However she said that, anybody touching the claimed rape. While A 17-year-old girl was avowedly kidnaped and gang-raped by 3-men in the location of Greater Noida, UP.

The occurrence that caught site on October 11, meanwhile the police responded that pretending that one of the arrested was identified to the victim.

According to the reports, where the incident was enrolled near the Dankaur police station on Friday, WHile the police announced that, figuring that the complainant claimed the arrested men had scared her with frightful ends However she said that, regarding the alleged violation.

Notwithstanding that she eventually rallied the determination to tell her mother, who then threatened police and boarded an FIR. Also, the arrested are on the way, however, we believe to take them shortly, answered by a police administrator.

From the reports, where the girl had registered a note at Dankaur police station and She also claimed that the involved men had approached her with terrible moments However she informed about the alleged abduction and rape to anybody. Still, she collected the determination to notify her mom.

While in a comparable case where a 19-year-old local services candidate was gang-raped near the Habibganj Railway Station in Bhopal, MP meanwhile she was turning back to the home from her extra classes and then 2-doctors of Sultania Hospital were interrupted over an inaccurate medical record that spoke the gangrape victim revealed in consensual sex with the prisoners.