171 dengue cases this season in Delhi and Counting

171 dengue cases this season in Delhi and Counting : According to the data released by the three civic bodies on Monday, 171 cases of dengue from 1st January 2016 to 6th August 2016.

For the same period in the year 2015, 119 cases of dengue were reported. In the year 2016, Delhi has recorded 43% more cases of dengue so far.


The casualties in 2015 were happened due to dengue, but this year there has not been a death till now.

52 cases out of 171 cases od dengue were recorded in the past week. 81 cases out of 171 cases this year have been patients who contracted the disease within Delhi.

Fever malaria cases

There were only 10 cases of Malaria till 6th August 2016.

According to the municipal corporation, a total of 3.75 lakh houses have been sprayed with insecticides so far and a total of 2.41 crore home visits have been conducted to check for mosquito breeding.

66,095 houses were found to have mosquitoes breeding and 63,688 legal notices were issued against them. The three corporations have launched 3,747 prosecutions till 6th August 2016.