18-year-old girl student is Molested by a Drunk Cop in Public

Chennai: A fluffy cop molested an 18 years old schoolgirl in full daylight in full public view. He was stalking girl from Azhar Khana bus stop.



The incident took place on the service road under the Kathipara flyover on a Friday evening. The fluffy cop was identified as Jerald Gibbs (30). Jerald is the official driver of the law & order wing Inspector. Late on Friday evening, he was being interrogated.

Cabbies who were resting in their cars under the flyover came to rescue the girl and grabbed the cop. If cab drivers had not intervened, the molester alias a fluffy cop could have done worse things to the student girl. A cop S. Angamuthu who was on patrolling and attached to the Mount police station arrived at the scene and learnt that the molester was a cop he suggested that the latter escape from the scene.

Unmerciful cab drivers nabbed the molester a second time after giving a short chase and tried to thrash him. Angamuthu intervened again and abused the cabbies for preventing the escape besides hitting a few of them.  Irate by the nature of the cop, the cabbies protested.

After some time, a patrol vehicle of police arrived on the scene and took away Jerald Gibbs from the scene to save him from the ‘mob justice’ the cabbies were waiting to give him.

A patrol cop Angamuthu also warned the cabbies that he would not be allowed to park their vehicles under the flyover. He also threatened to set the cars on fire if they did not let the incident pass.

All members of Nanbargal Magizhunthu Othunargal Sangam and cabbies resorted to a road roko and an ACP level officer brokered peace among the protesting drivers.

Balachandar who was among the core team that gabbed the accused cop said that we demand an unconditional apology from the cop who abused us and hit our office bearer, Tamilarasu.

He added that I saw the girl crying, screaming and running away from him. He kept charging at her. An auto driver tried to block him which is when we realised what was going on and jumped in to save the girl.

The pressure exerted on the family of the girl by the cops not to file a complaint. The victim girl who is studying B.Com first-year in a city college refused to file a complaint against the accused cop. Meanwhile, the fluffy cop Jerald Gibbs was taken to Chromepet GH for a medical examination.