1st Weekend 1920 London 4th Day Box office collection Worldwide Earning

1st Weekend 1920 London 4th Day Box office collection Worldwide Earning : Well, 1920 London is one of the most awaited horror movies in the series of 1920 but movie is not opened the way makers expected from the movie and the movie got mixed audience towards the cinema and the reason is people still attracting in Big Numbers towards “Baaghi” and captain America.


1920 London Box Office Collection

I think movie 1920 London is good but people have better options to watch this Friday and they are coming out to watch Captain America and other recent releases and that shows the movie 1920 London has good buzz but people have other options and that’s so boring.

Vikram Bhatt wrote the story and script of this horror flick. Amar Mohile and Prakash Kutty are the two names who composed the songs of 1920 London movie. This film is made on a budget of 25 crores. The producers of this movie expect a lot from this movie. VFX effects are also seen in this movie.

Well, in this movie story based on London where two happy married couple Shivangi and veer singh lived. Once Shivangi gets a gift from Rajasthan and after she unpacked the gift supernatural thing started to happen with her husband and she thinks that it’s all because of gift and to find the reason she travels Rajasthan.

First Weekend Box Office collection-

The movie collected between 2.25 Crores From the very first day of release and 4.75 Crore from the very second day and I am sure that these earnings going to earn more in upcoming days and that is cool also I think movie has good buzz and people will surely be going to attract towards the movie in very first Sunday.

Also, sources saying that movie is good but there are lot’s of big release running in cinemas and because of that I am sure hat people are diverting but in upcoming days they going to watch this movie also in good numbers.

The movie is getting good response from the audience and collected total 7 crores in two days and I am sure that movie going to collect more than 7 Crores in first Sunday and I am hoping that this movie going to make an impact in upcoming days.