2 In Critical Condition Out Of 25 Injured in Sabarimala Temple accident

2 In Critical Condition Out Of 25 Injured in Sabarimala Temple accident :- On Sunday, In an unfortunate accident that happened in Sabarimala Temple, 25 people got injured and 2 people were critically injured. This happened in the evening hours as there was a lot of rush for the Thanga Angi jewelry ceremony.

This accident was happened due to heavy rush of people to see the jewelry ceremony that happened in the temple. Lakhs of devotees visit the temple every year. The critically injured people were rushed to a hospital Pamba immediately. The others injured are being treated in Sannidhanam. According to the reports that due to heavy rush, some people tried to cut into the queue in result the stampede occurred. There was a Mandala puja to be held today.

As the jewels reached earlier, people rushed to see the ornaments worn in the ‘Tangi procession that were carried out. This procession starts to form the Aranmmmula Sree Parthasarthy temple four days prior to the ‘Mandala Puja’. As per Kadakampally Surendran, the Devaswamy Minister as the people saw the ‘Thanga Anji’ brought in, there was a heavy rush.

Similar Accident At Sabarimala Temple in the year 2011 claimed 106:

A similar rush broke out in at Sabarimala” in the year 2011, this unfortunate incident happened on “Makara Jyothi” day that took away the lives of 106 people and injuring more than 100 people. This is the last day of the festival in which 100s of devotees are attracted from all over the world.