2 Kerala Doctors Die as Car Falls Into River in Ernakulam CCTV Video Footage

Two doctors were killed in a car accident in Gothuruth on October 1. Three others in the vehicle were rescued by residents. The accident occurred early in the morning in Gothuruth. According to the preliminary investigation conducted by the police, the accident was caused by heavy rain and the ‘wrong direction’ indicated on Google Maps, which caused the car to plunge into the water body from the road. Let’s keep reading the whole article to get all the information related to this case.

2 Kerala Doctors Die as Car Falls Into River

The deceased are Advaith and Ajmal, both 28 years of age, who worked at a private medical facility in Kodungalloor. The rescued ones are Dr. Khasik Kabeer, a nursing student Jismon, and a medical student, Thamanna, who is in stable condition. They were on their way back to Kodungalloor after attending Dr Advaith’s birthday party in Kochi. “They turned right from Labour Junction on the directions given on Google Maps, but instead of turning left they took a wrong turn and entered a water-logged road at 12:35 am,” said the survivor. “The survivors said they were sure that it was the road as they could see the lights of the temple directly in front of them. The temple is located on the opposite bank of the river,” said a police inspector at Vadakkekara.

2 Kerala Doctors Die as Car Falls Into River

The incident occurred after a resident witnessed the car plunging into the river and initiated the rescue effort. While three passengers were rescued, the two doctors were drowned. The Fire and Rescue Services, as well as the police, recovered the bodies. A road barrier was subsequently erected to alert motorists of the water body. According to Ebin Sam, an expert from NATPAC, it is not unusual for motorists to use Google Maps to take the wrong route. Sam recalled a similar incident in which he and his colleagues were traveling in a car a few years ago when the navigation system led them to a road that ended in a gorge near Erattupetta. Fortunately, the incident occurred during the day.

Drivers need to be cautious on off-road roads, particularly at night and in bad weather. They need to keep an eye out for signboards. Agencies that own roads have to set up steel or concrete barriers with reflectors along the length to keep roads away from water bodies. For instance, four schoolchildren and one caretaker drowned after their van went off the road and fell into a canal in Parvathy Puthanar, near Thiruvananthapuram, a couple of years ago. Google officials did not respond to several calls. Stay connected to our website.

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