2 Killed In Clashes During Ram Navami Celebrations In Bengal

2 Killed In Clashes During Ram Navami Celebrations In Bengal: At least two people reportedly died because of the communal clash which took place in some parts of West Bengal during Ram Navami processions in the last 48 hours. The violence in Murshidabad is going on till today morning, followed by reports of arson from Raniganj coming where declared the death of one person.

2 Killed In Clashes During Ram Navami Celebrations In Bengal

Another death was reported from Purulia district on Sunday happened which is perhaps because of the celebratory march of the Ram Navami procession.

The West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said this serious issue will be dealt with robustly and strongly.

#1. The conflict broke out among the two groups in Raniganj, a town in the coal belt, at the time when some shops were set on fire during the Ram Navami procession was passing via the area. One villager was killed reportedly killed in this hostility and three police officers have injured also. Motorcycles were set on fire and even, policemen were attacked at the local market.

#2. “Asansol-Durgapur Deputy Commissioner of Police Arindam Dutta Chowdhury was injured in the incident. He lost a hand when the agitators hurled a bomb at him. He has been admitted to a private hospital,” a police officer stated.

#3. Union minister and BJP’s MP from Asansol Babul Supriyo was all set to take part in one of the rallies in Raniganj but backed out at the nick of the time.

#4. In Murshidabad’s Kandi, an armed crowd barged at the police station, where the police had to hit back. Batons were used to control the current circumstances. Visuals from the area display frenzied mobs rushing approximately, their faces tarnished with red. Clashes also took place at the Bardhaman, where a puja pandal was also assaulted.

#5. On Sunday, one person was killed and five policemen were wounded in clashes throughout a procession in Purulia, as sword-wielding BJP supporters’ challenges a government ban on armed rallies at numerous places in West Bengal, police told.

#6. The West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee warned of strong action against those concerned in violence. “Some unidentified people have come here from outside…These trouble-mongers holding pistols and swords are resorting to hooliganism. This is West Bengal. This is not our culture. We celebrate Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Ganpati puja peacefully. We also celebrate Ramzan, Christmas,” she stated.

#7. Ram Navami actually till now never consider as an important festival in Bengal but over the last two years, the BJP has been mainly active, holding rallies where members are often armed with traditional weapons like swords and tridents. This year, the ruling Trinamool also joined the BJP in rejoicing the candidates.

#8. State BJP president Dilip Ghosh also took part in one of the rallies in West Midnapore, when they were armed with a sword. “We are celebrating this festival for years, no one should resist us. It is the government’s duty to maintain the peace. Our groups have got permission to celebrate, this is a religious festival,” Dilip Ghosh had said.

#9. A case actually today reportedly, registered against Locket Chatterjee for allegedly taken part in this armed Ram Navami procession in Birbhum district yesterday, police stated.

#10. In the capital city Kolkata, more than 60 rallies were organized – some of them by the ruling Trinamool Congress taken by the party’s senior leaders like Firhad Hakim and Sadhan Pande. But most of the violence has centered on armed rallies – in some of the cases held without police permission in spite of a stern warning from the state government.