Latest News: 2 teens raped in front of father in Gujrat

Latest News: 2 teens raped in front of father in Gujrat :- Two girls aged 13 and 15 were gang-raped for one hour by 13 people in front of their father in a moving car in Gujarat on Thursday.

Five of the 13 accused have been arrested by the police and quick search is on for the rest of them.

The report says – The accused are part of the liquor and smack mafia, which produces other forms of alcohol for locals in a state that has a prohibition.

The two girls and their father were picked up from his shop and the accused raped the girls in a moving car in front of the father.

Their motive was revenge from the girls’ brother, who was arrested by the police in a case of alcohol prohibition.
The brother told police- he used to procure alcohol from the person who is the chief in the gang-rape case.

The two main accused in the case are Kumat and Gopsinh Baria. The victims’ brother had spilt the beans on Kumat, who was booked by the police in a case.

He picked up the father and the girls from the father’s shop and took them away in a car. Four of the accused followed them on two bikes.

After the incident, the girls and their father were dropped off near the Mandav village, with the warning not to inform the police.
But they decided to approach the cops, who took quick action and arrested five of the accused. The others arrested are Ganpat, Narvat Baria and Suresh Naik.

The police have booked them under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act for not only gang rape but also giving life threats.

The cops are in search for the rest of the accused. The girls have been sent to Devgadh Baria for treatment and given police protection.