2019 Apple iPhone might support USB Type-C like various Android phones

2019 Apple iPhone might support USB Type-C like various Android phones: Well Apple is going to provide you various new features, gadgets and many more in this new year of 2019. As per the report from a Japan based supply chain blog, Macotakara, a revised iPod touch and USB-C cables for iPhones could be the next offerings on Apple’s list of 2019. iPhone 11 Release Date


  • iPad Pro debuted in 2018 with USB Type-C port instead of Lightning port
  • Apple revised the prices of the iPod touch in July 2017
  • iPod family came into existence in 2001

On Monday, 9To5Mac mentioned the report and said that the new changes in latest iPod touch is still not clear right now but it need to be update and talking about the 2019 iPhones, then it might switch to USB-C.

The quote was “Details on what changes a new iPod touch might feature are unclear at this point, but it is long overdue for an update. The report also goes on to say that the 2019 iPhones ‘might’ make the switch to USB-C.”

The iPod touch is mostly targeted to youngsters, those who are not ready to use the smartphone. The iPod touch 6th generation was released in the year 2015. Resulting of the withdrawal of the iPod Nano as well as iPod Shuffle on 27th July 2017, the iPod Touch is the only product in Apple’s iPod product line at this time as of November 2018. After the stoppage of earlier iPod product line, Apple revised the storage as well as the pricing for the iPod Touch with 32 and 128 GB of storage. Apple then carries on selling the series with 32GB of storage at the price of $199.

The iPods are basically like an iPhone, it can be used as a music player, web browser, digital camera, note-logger, handheld game device and many more. As per the reports of May 2013, about 100 million of iPod Touch units had been sold from the time of 2007.

The report also states that as per the Macotakara, those who are working on iPhone’s USB-C transition specify that the work progress has not even reached the design stage yet.

The report states, “Further, Macotakara says that those who are working on the iPhone’s USB-C transition indicate it has not yet reached the reference design stage as yet”

The makers of the iPhone did take along the USB-C cables with the 2018 iPad Pros.

The report further said that however Macotakara has a good track record and the information is mostly correct but like other supply chain sources, there might be some holes in the information as anything is not officially announced.

The report further added “Even though Macotakara has a decent track record, but like most supply chain sources, it can struggle with details such as timing”.