21 women from Hyderabad are missing in Saudi Arabia

21 women from Hyderabad are missing in Saudi Arabia : The Hyderabad-based 21 women, who were sent to the Saudi Arab for the household work has lost contact with their respective families. The women were sent from the old city of Hyderabad on visas and they belong to the Chaderghat, Falaknuma, Charminar, Bahadurpura, Rein Bazar, Malakpet, and Vattepally.

Amjed Ullah Khan, M.B.T. who has been helping the women to return to their country from the Saudi Arab has informed media wing in a recent interview that ” the families of the 21 lost women has asked us to help us and they even made a complain to the Police. The womens have lost the contact with their families.Meanwhile, the thing that has been the prime reason behind the worry of the families that two women have been killed in Saudi Arab in last two year by torturing.

Slavery - Human Trafficking

It is believed that the women have been the in some big women traffic as agents send them Saudi Arab by promising that they will get the good salary there by taking care of the patient and the children. However, the story was different as the women have to work for almost 20 hours with the lowest income.

Amjed Ullah Khan informed media wing that most of the agent from Saudi Arab are females and they used to visit the family members of poor families and tries to convince the women to go to Saudi Arab and work there. Poor Womens get influenced easily and agree and sign the contract. They realize the truth only after landing in Saudi Arab, but they don’t have any option and have to complete their contract until it is finished.

Well, the most disappointing fact is that every woman knows about the women trafficking but still they get influenced by the agents and went to Saudi Arab. On the other side, the agents used to charge Rs. 3 lakh rupees from the people from Saudi Arab to transport the each single women to their country.