#24IndiaS2 Twenty Four 24 Season 2 10th September 2016 Written Episode Updates

#24IndiaS2 Twenty Four 24 Season 2 10th September 2016 Written Episode Updates: In the last episode night episode of the TV series “24 Season 2” begins with Jai was trying to make the dealer understand that how bad he is doing and Jai also explain to him that he should not support Roshan Sherchand. On the other hand, Roshan Serchand is angry on Jai.

Everyone Will Drunk! Ishqbaaz 10th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

The mother has lost all his position in the PMO as the detective whom she hired her is following and taking pictures of Prithvi. It is harm to the images of her that despite she is being married she is engaged in extra marital affairs. PMO take the responsibility to fight back in order to save the Mumbai city.

Shinde arranged the meeting and stars showing Prithvi’s images with his wife to the PM. The husband has just gone annoying to see the same. He was threatening to make him feel the same by hurting but he says him to turn out Prithvi out of PMO and we can’t let PM go as unless we will have to pay for the same. So to save the images of PM we have to let down Prithvi.

Also, the ATU Team thinks that we have to take care of the happiness also of the city Mumbai. ATF team is somehow anxious as they are being sceptical of something. The daughter and son of Jai come to the ATF office, while the mother of PM sees the picture of the girl who planned to run away with Prithvi.

Prithvi went to meet his aunt and then she saw him the images and talk her about Antra Manik Shinde. Prithvi was very afraid of what will go to happen and then she starts to manipulate the situation which actually gives bad feedback to the people. She makes sure that anything bad will not happen and she will be also refining the situation for him and Antara.

Prithvi was called by the PM that he is scared, on the other hand, now Sherchand are not in good terms. Antara is angry with Prithvi as Prithvi is keen to hide his relationship with Antara.

Prithvi tries to make Antara understand the situation but Prithvi is too confused for the same. Prithvi start talking about some issue consider it impressive technique to save his images.

Naina has some very amazing plan to tackle Manik Shinde and she tells PM not to worry about this situation. The plan has a quite change and Roshan thinks to kill Jai but Jai manages to save himself.