Shivani is dead! 24 Season 2 Episode 24th September 2016 Written Updates

Shivani is dead! 24 Season 2 Episode 24th September 2016 Written Updates :- The accompanying happens somewhere around 3 am and 4 am. Maya says Haroon utilized me. However, he has never shrouded this. Jai goes and enlightens Shivani and Zaara regarding Anjali Sharma. Zara tells about some lead, Anjali’s location. Siddharth asked do you think we will get he?


She calls Anjali and says I m Shivani, Anti-Terrorist Unit. Anjali asks is this any joke, I think you got the wrong individual, I m style planner and came a week ago. Shivani says I needed to know in regards to Roshan; we know he sends you cash each month. Anjali says he is in prison.

Anjali says no, I didn’t meet him since years. Zara says we got her area, we will follow her if she calls anybody. Vasu meets Anjali and requests that she accompany him to Roshan. Roshan calls Vasu and converses with Anjali.

Anjali asks whats happening. Roshan says I m listening to your voice after quite a while; I wish I could meet you. She says I will accompany Vasu and meet you. He says its late now, excuse me for what I m going to do. She asks what. Roshan asks him where s infection tubes, you will settle one tube at the station; I will let you know what to do. Vasu says fine and clears out.

Vedanta tells Jai that guard is dozing and did not see anybody coming. Roshan welcomes Aditya and says I arranged another infection assault, this time at swarmed place.

Jai asks Roshan what do you need. Roshan says fine, you are in the rush, I will let you know infection area to stop the infection discharge, you need to give me Shivani’s demise in 60 minutes, I need her dead body at my area. Aditya cannot. Roshan requests that he see lodging individuals once and think what number of individuals will bite the dust, whole Mumbai city and India will be influenced by infection, you have 5mins, I will call once more, think well and answer me PM. He closes call.

Aditya told jail that he could not risk Shivani’s death. Jai says we have to take the risk. Aditya greets and says but nothing should happen to Shivani. Roshan calls and asks Jai to kill Shivani when he will ask him to.

Jai informed Shivani about Roshan’s demand. Everyone get shocked. Jai asked Zaara to magnify the video. Zara did, and Jai figures out that bomb are placed at some station.

Shivani cries seeing Kabir’s pic and Jai asked her to calm down. She asked Shivani to wear bullet proof jacket. Jai and Shivani went to Goodwin. Roshan asked Jai to kill Shivani on her head. Shivani get on her knees and sked Jai to shoot her. Shivani saw Kabir and her mom and Jai shoots her.


Siddharth asked Jai, how he can kill Shivani and beats Jai. Siddharth for Shivani and cries. ATU came to know about the death of Shivani. Veer will receive the capsules send by Shivani. Jai and Vedant reached Roshan’s new place where Roshan will be seen doing virus deal with foreigners.