Antara hugs prithvi! 24 Season 2 28th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Antara hugs prithvi! 24 Season 2 28th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In a bid to prove his loyalty to Serchan brothers Jai shoots Maya’s father. But thankfully at his good luck, Maya’s dad has been spared as there were no bullets on the gun. Later, Serchan brothers asked Jai to come in order to discuss bio lethal virus deal.

24 Season 2 Written Episode Updates

24 Season 2 Written Episode Updates

On another hand, not receiving any signals from Jai, PM Aditya Singhania gives his nod to murmured strikes. Only during the nick of time, Jai connects with ATU team in the absence of Harroon.

Receiving signals from Jai, the airstrikes stop. A team from ATU follows the trio in the venue of the deal. ATU takes position around the venue as well as the on-site details are monitored via cameras. The images are just captured which were sent to ATU.

Meanwhile, the dealing party arrives. The images shock ATU as they feel that female terrorist arrives here with the motive to kill PM, but on the other side’s terrorist conflict with each other on the topic with whom Jai will be coming.

Harroon thinks Jai is a loyal person of Sechan. Once the virus is brought in and explained, Roshan plays his game and asks for Rs 2,000 crore instead of 500 crore rupees. This annoys the dealers which resulted in emerging of conflict between Roshan, Haroon, and Mehr with the mediator Suraj.

Sehgal, yet not receiving any signal from Jai, orders ATU to attack the terrorists. But there is another hidden story in Amar Mane Shinde’s place. He suspects his wife, Saara, of an extramarital affair with Prithvi he also thinks to meet with PM Aditya so call him.

Naina accompanies PM over way now. Later Aditya asks her to leave cautioning as well he also asked to him do not ask anything about Devyani, Prithvi or anyone else, even don’t say anything against Devyani.

Devyani, but still asked to give her blood test to check whether she is the drug addict or not. The episode ends with Jai sending in signals for ATU to take over the charge at the venue to see whether the virus is contained or not.