New Twist! (24) Season 2 31st July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

New Twist! (24) Season 2 31st July 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the thrilling TV show Twenty-Four (24) Season 2 begins with Roshan asked Jai that what you want to do, Jai said I am on the mission to complete an important task let me do the same. Roshan tries to blah blah but Jai asked him to put his hands down unless he will be trapped.


Roshan asked to Jai what you want to do as we all know about it that we are innocent Haroon is criminal then why we should be beware but Jai asked to him that just believe me unless we will be in problem.

Jai also asked to Roahn that if you won’t follow my words then tomorrow you will be hang and I won’t be able to stop that. Roshan asked him why I should be hanging and Jai asked to him that I will let you know when the right time will come.

Aditya’s mum Naina meets with Mishra and she asked to him that she is having appointment to meet with him. Mishra asked her what is the matter on the other hand Roshan also gives nod to Jai that he will follow Jai’s words. Jai declared that he is going to catch Haroon anyhow.

Now Aditya and Gyaan decided to trace Haroon so they called Haroon to find his number is traceable, so they decided to search Haroon now. Roshan comes out from jail to see Haroon but all goes in vain as he unable to see Haroon. In the mean time, Haroon call Gyaan and he asked to him that how dare Roshan tries to trace me and how you guys dare to support him in this case.

Haroon asked to Gyaan just forget me unless I won’t spare both Roshan as well as Jai. Gyaan is shocked and think to share the same with Aditya.

Precap: Veer tells Kiran that dad has someone in his life, and he shows video of Jai and Maya to her. Jai calls Maya. Kunj says we need to deliver the packet unless they will call me. Jai says my plan flopped. Roshan acts mad. Haroon scolds Jai and says we are giving you 25 crores to do this work.