24 Season 2 8th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Roshan shoots down maddy

24 Season 2 8th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Roshan shoots down maddy :- The thrilling TV series 24 Season 2 is all set to showcase that how the Prime Minister Singhania will be the latest victim of the deadly virus attack. With just a few weeks left for Season 2 of 24 to end now the drama of the show is going intense which is enough to give Goosebumps to the fans.


In this thrilling action series, there will be a huge climax to beginning where Jai Singh Rathore (Anil Kapoor) using his own daughter to solve the mystery as well as the PM getting infected with the deadly virus.

This weekend, Jai is shown to head the ATU team into Roshan’s hideout and he decided his own daughter to trapped Roshan. While he is able to successfully kill the goons, Roshan completely turns the game around as Roshan already sense the truth.

He gains an edge over Saigal (ATU head Harsh Chaya) by kidnapping his mentally challenged son so which he can escape from the ATU force. Saigal is now in a fix – whether to follow the call of duty or release Roshan’s daughter Vaidehi to save his son. He decides to give up his duties and get Vaidehi out of ATU confinement. Jai tries to stop Saigal from meeting Roshan when as he was aware of it something going to happen here. Jai manages to lay a trap for Roshan and waits for his arrival.

Meanwhile, the unexpected happens something in which the PM Aditya Singhania (Neil Bhoopalam) along with others at the PMO get exposed to the deadly virus and now the PM is brutally suffering.

Now Jai is needed to sort out the issue as soon as possible and the consequences of it will be remaining to see which will be just interesting to see.

Precap: Roshan asks Maddy about location. Siddharth reaches the construction site. Aditya is isolated and talks to Naina and Prithvi.

Aditya asks them to work together by sorting out their personal issues. Siddharth asks Vaidehi to go, I don’t know where is Roshan, but they are your dad’s men. Naina asks Khosla to arrange her meeting. Minister asks Prithvi to announce the curfew in the city in order to control virus outbreak. Roshan shoots down Maddy, while she says she did not say anything to ATU.