24 Season 2 9th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Maddy works on laptop

24 Season 2 9th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Maddy works on laptop :- The last night episode of the TV series Twenty Four (24) Season 2 begins with Antra just tries to convince Prithvi to let her call the police and tells them everything she known about Naina Singhania and her evil deeds, but Prithvi asked to her that nothing can happen to Naina she is too powerful. Moreover, she will be ruining our life instead.


Antara asked Mihir that Naina is a dreadful criminal and we need to catch her to show him the footage which she is having of the Naina but before Mihir could think anything the footage got suddenly delete and nobody is aware of it.

Antara somehow hurts because of Prithvi but she also shocked to know that Shinde has been murdered. Somehow Antara committed suicide and Roshan is now keen to run away with his daughter Vaidehi.

The virus is now out and it is spread in the PM’s body. Jai got the information of Mallik’s death and he thinks to ask about it to Sidharth. Veer is affected by the virus and Jai is tensed for him. Siddarth Takes out Vaidehi from the ATU office and is now on the run, Veer tells that Siddarth might be behind all this because only he has the access to the information of the satellite. Now ATU is locked down and Vaidehi is out because of Siddarth.

Prithvi is blaming Naina Singhania for the suicide of Antara. Bhumika has come to meet Aditya, Jai is worried about Siddarth. Sehgal tells everything to Vaidehi and now she knows everything about his dad and Jai somehow stop the arrest of Sidharth.

Jai thinks to sort out the issue. Now the location where they will going to meet is changed and Jai is trying his best to not lose any point, Aditya is getting very sick and is showing the symptoms of the virus, Bhumika comes and brakes up with Aditya and she is also worried to connect her name with the PM of the country.

The PM Aditya Singhania is bleeding and is totally infected with the virus. ATO gets the dispersion devices and now they get something more to know about this, now even the scientist who is searching for the antivirus is affected from the virus.