24 season 2 Episode 7th August Written Updates, Will Roshan & Jai Will Be Come Out Alive!

24 season 2 Episode 7th August Written Updates, Will Roshan & Jai Will Be Come Out Alive! :- Jai Singh Rathore (Anil Kapoor) holds Superintendent Joshi imprisoned and warned to harm his son if he does not cooperate in Roshan Serchan’s release from Pune Central jail. Joshi agrees and now Jai is about to start his plan. Meanwhile, Shivani Mallik, ATU chief, asks Gyaan to send alert about Jai in the whole departments.


Khush has been kidnapped by drug trader Chan with his girlfriend and Chan asked to Khush that he has been infected by the deadly virus and that he shall succumb to death in next 20 hours. On this, Khush urges Chan to let off Mitali.

Jai on another hand is all geared to set Roshan Sherchan free from Pune Central Jail. Joshi also orders inspector Shinde to hand over Roshan’s custody to ATU so Jai shall be looking into the case. Unaware of the tense situation in Pune Central Jail, Shivani Mallik orders to seize the communication system of the Pune Central Jail.

Jail staffs Shankar sets a short circuit that leads to massive fire in jail. On this officials issue orders to open the cells and then the prisoners go out. Massive chaos and noises break and taking advantage of that Jai along with Roshan escape from the jail.

On another hand, Mili and Kiran spend time playing together where they are joined in by Mili’s mother. She is suffering an injury and she said that she receives the injury as she falls down in the bathroom.

Haroon is furious about Jai’s plan and asks Gyaan to reveal the current updates. On situation going out of control, inspector Bhosle asks SP jail to initiate Code Red protocol and also he issue shoot and sites order.

However, the scene in Pune Jail worsens as a prisoner suffers severe burns. This exasperates the jail inmates, catch hold of Jai and Roshan and force them to play a game, which involves shooting themselves with just one bullet in the gun. Sankar, the jail service staff and a policeman, get killed in the game. The episode ends with Jai and Roshan playing the game and one bullet sound comes from the darkness.

It will be yet to see if Jai and Roshan will be able to make out of jail. Also, Khush is going to die anyhow. How the deadly virus is going to affect Mumbai. In the climax of the show 24 Season, 2 will be reveal.

Precap: Khush commits suicide.