3 Died due to ‘Rail-Roko’ Revolt (GCPA) in New Cooch Behar (West Bengal)

3 Died due to ‘Rail-Roko’ Revolt (GCPA) in New Cooch Behar (West Bengal) :- Three peoples have lost their life till now in ‘rail-roko’ agitation of Greater Coooch Behar People’s Association (CGPA) in New Cooch Behar in West Bengal according to the sources.

Rail-Roko’ Revolt (GCPA)

The Greater Cooch Behar People’s Association (GCPA) blocked the railway track on Saturday near New Cooch Behar station demanding for a separate state. Nearly about 3000 protestors took part in this revolt. The demand for a separate state has been going on for almost a decade.

Last year in December, scores of protesters sat on a hunger strike, demanding formation of a separate Cooch Behar state, which was merged with West Bengal in 1950. The hunger strike scheduled from December 8 to December 12 was organised by the GCPA, which had earlier held similar protests demanding a separate state.

Acording to an agreement between the king of Cooch Behar and the Indian Government at the end of British rule, Maharaja Jagadipendra Narayan transferred full authority, jurisdiction and power of the state to the government in 1949.

CGPA aims to form Cooch Behar ‘C’ Camp State in Indian Constitution adopted on 26th November, 1949. This organization also aims to set of political administration in Greater Cooch Behar State. They want to develop their Language, traditional Culture, History and Ancient heritage etc.

There by an exclusive development for all kinds of people of the Cooch Behar Princely State irrespective of the caste and Creed will be possible.