3 Found Dead in Balboa Island Home, Real Name Images And Details Explained!

Monday morning has brought another threatening news from the Balboa Island of California, USA. The news is regarding the unexpected discovery of three dead bodies from a house along 100 Block of Diamond avenue on Newport Beach Balboa Islands of California, USA. As per the California police; there are three bodies, of 2 men and one woman, which have been discovered. The California police are suspecting the case to be linked with illegal activities of drugs. However, the police have not found and solid evidence in this case regarding the linkage between dead bodies and drugs. This case has become the breaking news of all the news channels on Monday morning in California, USA.

3 Found Dead in Balboa Island Home, Real Name Images And Details Explained!

The paramedics and firefighters found all the three dead bodies in the back unit of the house. The police found 2 men and one woman dead and the fourth victim was discovered injured in this misadventure. Although the wounded man has been admitted to Hoag Hospital Newport Beach yet the expectation of survival seems to be rear. The fourth victim was only a bit conscious; therefore, he could call 911 so as to ask for help from the police. The name of any of the victims of this case has yet not been revealed by California police. A resident of Balboa Island, Blaine Bush, has stated that his mother used to live in the same apartment and the neighbourhood apartment is quite nice. He could never expect anything like this happening around here. The police are endeavouring to find out the real cause of the death. Balboa Island is a quiet and calm place in California, USA; hence, the case has surged the view of media and audiences all across the country. The police have initiated the investigation of this case because of the involvement of traces of drugs. This case may lead to putting a huge racket of drug dealers behind the bars.

An officer of the Newport police stated that there is no further threat to the local community because the police are on the verge of solving this case, however, the police have not mentioned any name concerning this case. Even though the police have suspiciously found traces of Fentanyl (a powerful opioid analgesic also used as a scheduled 2 prescription after painful surgery) yet the police of Newport Island are not sure in regards to Fentanyl drug. However, the police investigation might be potential enough to expose many. This case has succeeded to gain the attention of world audiences that is why this case has become more important for the Newport Island police.

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